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          Ebb Tide
Donna Ryder - Lead
Anne Danforth - Tenor
Nancy Bossie - Bass
Barbara Combs - Baritone
Ebb Tide
As long-standing members of Maine-ly Harmony, we embrace the challenge of singing four-part harmony with a wide selection of songs from many decades.

The quartet would love to perform for your event, birthday party, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.  You get the idea!

Link to Harmony, Inc. to read feature article on Ebb Tide

Contact information for booking:
Donna Ryder  (207) 582-5523
Heart 'n Soul  Jan 2023 at Category School (2).jfif
Heart 'n Soul
Dotti Myer - Baritone
Anne Danforth - Lead
Sue Staples - Bass
Cathy Anderson - Tenor


Heart 'n Soul quartet are members of Maine-ly Harmony Chorus and come from various musical backgrounds,  but it's their friendship and love of barbershop singing that draws them together.

Anne Danforth, lead is a country girl at heart, but she fell in love with that barbershop harmony right from her first vist to Maine-ly Harmony in 2002 and soon discovered the joy of singing in a quartet.  A retired legal assistant, she and her husband Rick live in Chelsea and have two children and nine grandchildren (eight wonderful boys and one special little lady).

Sue Staples has been singing barbershop since 1992 and has enjoyed singing lead and baritone in the past, but she found her true passion singing bass. She and her husband, Bob, live in Bangor, where she is employed by Hampton Inn. They have two grown daughters and four grandchildren.

Cathy Anderson's  first exposure to barbershop music was when her father and his seven siblings would sing together at family reunions.  She has been singing tenor with Heart 'n Soul since 2011, the same year she became a member of Maine-ly Harmony.  Cathy is a retired United Methodist pastor who lives with her husband, Raymond, in East Poland.  Together, they have four children and four grandsons.

Dotti Meyer, baritone, has only been singing with Heart 'n Soul since 2019, but she brings extensive barbershop knowledge and quartet
 experience to the group.  She retired in 2014 after 29 years as a preschool teacher and lives in Jefferson with her husband Bob.  They have two grown daughters and four grandchildren. 

Contact information : 
Anne Danforth:
                                (207) 215-6818



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